We all need a good cleaning from time to time. Usually the start of Spring/Summer is when we get to it, but with busy lives, hectic work schedules, and so many better things to get out and do during those times, you don’t realize how piled you are in excess things until it’s absolutely time to purge!

We’re all about managing junk and cleaning out the garage- but without taking everything and unloading it into the dump.

Typical advertising mail

Typical advertising mail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So simplify your life and use tech to get it done! Here are some apps and sites that allow you to dump the junk:

1. PaperKarma: Apparently, this is the app to end the age old junk problem- junk mail. PaperKarma allows you to take photos of the junk mail you wish to stop and they automatically contact the Mailer and remove you from their distribution list.

Sign us up!

2. Diggerslist.com: This site is cool! Dubbed as the Craigslist for DIY, Diggerlist has a rapidly expanding site that allows you post home improvement items and furniture that you don’t want. Post, sell, SOLD! Everything from heavy equipment to kitchen appliances can be found here, and its all listed by city/area.

And they have a killer blog filled with decorative ideas and home projects. It’s so sweet it gives us a toothache.

3.  Freecycle: This is an app that claims to be totally grassroots and an entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. With 9 million members worldwide, its hard to imagine that there aren’t many treasure as junk items to discover!

4. Unroll.me: FINALLY. Those pesky email chain letters that you subscribed to eons ago just to get a 15% off coupon are taken care of. Unroll.me is the free and easy way to end unwanted subscriptions and “rollup” the rest into an organized overview made just for you.

Organize the newsletters and make them actually interesting and easy for you to indulge in!

So there you have it. Get the junk out of everywhere- well, except the trunk.

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