The summer heat wave and lack of rainfall doesn’t need to stop you from conserving water. Sure, you want lush green plants in and around your house, but the amount of water it takes to keep them fresh and healthy can be a strain on resources.

We’ve got a few easy tips on how to reuse water from inside your home and safely use it to water your plants. They’re pretty painless to apply to your lifestyle. Plus, you get the benefit of getting a shower AND nice plants. Win/win.

  1. Reuse the water you drain from foods like pasta, veggies, and wash fruit with. Next time you make that coveted mac n cheese, empty the excess water into a bucket or watering jug that you can easily take and hit a few plants outside with.
  2. Shower water! The water before you jump in or before it heats up is perfect to gather up while you’re preparing for the shower or hanging around for the temperature to get where you like it. Be sure not to collect the water that contains your shampoo run off, face wash, etc. Keep it pure!
  3. BBQ leftovers. Do you have an ice chest full of melted ice water or bags of stray ice left over from camping or a summer BBQ? Don’t just pour it on the driveway- spread it around your garden and let it substitute watering that day. Beats carrying that heavy ice chest all the way from the backyard.
  4. The next time you water your hanging plants, put a bucket underneath them and let it sit for a few minutes after you finish the first one. Use that water to douse the next, and repeat. You’ll find that you have at least ½ the water you need to water all the plants just from the drip of the first one.

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