As people become more health conscious, many are looking to revamp their homes with natural, eco-friendly products that boost the health of the whole family. Despite popular misconceptions, “greening” your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Experts say there are many low-cost and do-it-yourself options that will be kind to both your pocketbook and Mother Earth.  Here are a few tips we found:

Vinegar is the mother all cleaners. Did you know that you can use distilled white vinegar to make a myriad of home cleaning products? From coffee makers to wood paneling, vinegar cleans it all. Throw in a little pure castile soap and some essential lemon or grapefruit oils and you have a cleaner that rivals anything you’ll find on supermarket shelves. We found 23 different vinegar cleaning recipes at The Good Human.

Reclaim and repurpose.  Recycling is good, but it’s not great. Hard-core sustainability advocates say that if you have to recycle that container, you probably shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Of course that’s not practical for most us who live and consume in the work-a-day world, but this kind of idea does generate creative ideas for re-purposing our purchases. For instance, buy glass jars whenever you can. You can sterilize them and use for your own canning projects or make cool candle holders that you can give as gifts for holidays and birthdays. Not only does this kind of project prevent waste from going to the landfill, but it also saves you lots of money. Savvy is full of amazing ideas for re-purposing your every day household goods. No need to stop with little items though. Think about your furniture or old clothes. Sure, you can donate them to a local charity, but consider reviving your favorite recliner with some funky new fabric.

Conserve precious resources. Want to save gas? Walk or bike to work. Consider public transportation. Maybe it’s time to downsize from that home in the suburbs to a loft in the city. Not your style? Then consider investing in a home energy makeover. You can install an Energy Hub device that helps you monitor and control your home energy use. And if you haven’t already, be sure to replace your old showerhead with an eco-friendly water saving Oxygenics model. We’ve got lots to choose from at Bed Bath and Beyond.

What savvy green tips do you have to share?