After months of anticipation, summer has finally arrived.  Long warm days spark much desk unrest as people gear up to go on vacation. For millions of proud RV owners, summer means it’s time to hit the road. As a freeway savvy vacationer, how do you stay clean and refreshed when traversing North America’s highways? As any good RV’er knows, a stellar water system is key to combating hot dusty days on the road.

A recent poll in RV Education101 newsletter revealed that 59% of RV owners use their built-in coach showers exclusively. Reader comments suggest that motor-homers love their private, mobile showers. So why aren’t more motor home owners reveling in their baths?

The biggest complaint seems to be water pressure.

“Factory motor home installed showerheads just don’t deliver the pressure I’m looking for,” says Odessa, Tex., native and RV owner Vikki Thiebaud. “But I hate using camp showers. That’s why I own my coach, so I can enjoy my privacy.”

Campgrounds are notorious for having erratic water pressure. And when you’re parked off the beaten path with only your water tank for use, the shower can be an especially tricky endeavor.

So here are some tips to maximize your fresh, clean water experience in your RV this summer:

– After sitting idle all winter, your RV water tank needs a good cleaning. Experts say you need to sanitize your system once a year. Despite popular belief, bleach does not appear to be your best bet.  USA Today Travel Tips offers some good insights into taking care of your system the cleaner, greener way.

-After you’ve sanitized, give your plumbing system a once-over. Replace old worn out hoses whose kinks are killing your pressure. Invest in a good regulator. Already have one? Check to make sure it’s working properly. Take care of your hot water heater, filtration system, and more. Lots of good tips and news can be found at the RV Daily Report.

-Upgrade your shower with an Oxygenics BodySpa showerhead, designed specifically with the RV owner in mind. No matter where you are, hooked up at a campground or floating free, the BodySpa eliminates worry about your shower being a slow trickle. The head self-pressurizes, delivering a powerful shower despite limited water tank capacity or low-pressure campground connections. Oxygenics powerful oxygenating spray allows you to rinse clean in a shorter amount of time for a quick, efficient shower. It’s also super easy to install. Camping World offers three models to best compliment your RV needs.

Now you’re ready for a summer of road trips. Happy trails!