Water is truly our world’s greatest asset. It fuels our lives, guarantees our futures, and its power is incomparable.

At Oxygenics, we created and use the technology for our showerheads that we do because we want to play a small part in the conservation and overall appreciation of water. We live, eat, and breathe H2O.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recently launched a contest open to the public to help spread awareness on how important water is in our lives.

In celebration of the Clean Water Act’s 40th anniversary, the EPA is hosting a video contest where participants can submit a 15 second video that demonstrates the importance that water plays in their lives. And with the endless ways water serves us on a daily basis, there should be no shortage of creative clips sent in.

The deadline is September 14th. EPA will feature selected video clips on its website and “Water Is Worth It” Facebook page as part of its anniversary celebration. Take this opportunity to become part of history and show off your appreciation for our favorite element!

Check out this video

& website for more information.

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