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One of the cheapest things you can do to upgrade your bathroom is to replace your showerhead. I had seen these cool rain showerheads that give you the feeling of being in a rain shower, sometimes called “storm” but never took the time to get one.

Oxygenics sent us one of their PowerMassage Shower Systems and we immediately replaced our old showerhead with it. Greg popped it on and had it up in 10 minutes and I was using it. You get everything you need with it for installation including the Teflon tape.

One thing you will need to consider is that long hose. If you have a holder hooked to your shower that holds shampoo and soap, it may not work. We had one and removed it.

This thing is awesome! There is one stationary shower head at the bottom and a removable hand showerhead on a hose that hooks on the top. We have always had just a single showerhead and never even considered getting a dual showerhead until Oxygenics sent us one. Now I won’t get anything else. Here is why.

The whole unit swivels so you can get it just right and the top showerhead sprayer comes off so you can use it to shower kids or clean off your feet if you have been working outside in the garden or live near a beach.

Oxygenics Dual Showerhead Review

Each showerhead can be set separately on it’s own. There is a metal tab that makes it easy to turn it the way you want. One gripe I had about previous showerheads we had was that while they had different settings I could never turn them to actually use the settings. This Oxygenics showerhead is super easy and that extended tab piece makes all the difference.

oxygenics dual showerhead review

If you turn the dial on the left you can make the water come just out of the top sprayer, just the bottom sprayer, or both sprayers. It also makes a great place to hang a bath scrunchy.

Oxygenics PowerMassage Shower System Review

If you look close you will see the different holes that makeup the different settings. You can set it on a full rain shower, medium, pulsating or super powerful to pinpoint areas on your body that need to be massaged, like a painful shoulder. Since both the top and bottom showerhead can be set on it’s own there are 35 spray combinations possible.

oxygenics dual showerhead view

The whole unit is solid and has a brushed nickel finish that makes it look more expensive than it is. The pricetag for this dual massage showerhead is around $34.95. You get the action of a rain showerhead without the high price. Many of those rain or storm showerheads cost $80 or more.

Reading the package I also learned that you can save up to $70 per year by installing this showerhead as it uses 23% less water.

If you are tall like I am you will appreciate the fact that the top showerhead sprayer sits really high. There is nothing more annoying than being tall and having to scrunch down to get a good shower. It also covers your whole body and the water comes out in a larger, wide stream if you have it set on two of the settings.

Oxygenics PowerMassage Showerhead Review

Here I have the top sprayer set on one of the pulsating settings and the bottom set on the “rain” setting to show you. The picture is fuzzy because of all of the steam. That is one thing we did notice with this Oxygenics PowerMassage Shower System, it produces more steam. It wasn’t a problem because the bathroom ceiling fan was on. It was just an observation I noticed from our old showerhead.

Oxygenics PowerMassage Showerhead Review

The little things we do for our home often have the biggest impact and make our home feel just a little bit newer and refreshed. The Oxygenics PowerMassage Showerhead is available at in and

Disclaimer: Oxygenics sent us the Oxygenics PowerMassage Shower System to review and this is our unbiased opinion. Your results may differ from ours.