We’re all about savings. That’s why we make showerheads that conserve water. There’s a plethora of effective but easy ways to save just about anything in your home. From conserving water, to minimizing your trash, and even just saving some space to keep your life a little less crowded, here some cool ways people have re-used and re-done to conserve a bit of anything!


It’s amazing how doing something so simple can go miles when it comes to saving space. By attaching things to the wall or using mounts, you can save a ton of counter and shelf space in almost any room in the house. One of our favorite looks for this concept is in the photo below where a couple mounted their paper towels, oils, and spices on the wall. Sure saves all that space a bulky spice rack would have taken up!

(image originally from Indystar.com)

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that nationally, lawn care and landscaping accounts for more than 30 percent of water use in the United States. That’s a lot of aqua going needed to keep your garden lush and green. But if you could harness the power of all the drainage water and use it to feed your greens, wouldn’t that be fantastic? Say hello to your next summer project! Collect and re-use all the gutter water by making this contraption out of a garbage can + lid, your gutter, and a spout and hose. Make your extra water last and keep your lawn luscious. Win-win!

(Image originally found on Pinterest)

Snack attack! Chances are if you’ve got kids you go through garbage bags like running water. Kid snacks are typically individually wrapped….several times over. It creates piles of trash and not just in the house; parks, cars, school, etc. Instead of buying the individually wrapped snack items your kids love, think about buying in bulk and making one of these handy eco-friendly snack bags! We originally saw this on Craftstylish.com and think it’s an idea any parent should invest in. A little cloth and Velcro and you’ve got it.

(Image originally found on Craftstylish.com)

When the warm weather hits, we’re all about gardening and growing green. But rather than spend our money in buying endless amounts of planters and pots, we’ve found there are unique ways to add some spice to our urban gardens and clean out the attic. We saw this photo first on poppytalk.blogpost.com and fell in love. Now we’re using tins, vases, glassware, and other items we dug out of the garage to add some spice to our planters. Try it yourself!

(Image originally from http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/)

Spare change seems like more of a hassle than useful, doesn’t it? Clanking in your pockets, heavy in your purses, and almost impossible to scoop out when you actually need it. But, in browsing the net for a way to keep our change but not continually buy wallets, we found a way to solve both problems with our juice cartons! Using the top of the carton, you can fold it into a wallet, cut a hole for the spout, and walla, you’ve got yourself a change wallet with recycled material. Thanks vetsforpets.net for sharing the photo and sparking our creativity to reuse!

(Image originally found on vetsforpets.com)

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