Our Oxygenics showerheads keep you clean while being conscious about the environment, so you can shower in peace knowing you are doing your part to conserve water. Earth Day has recently passed and for the most part people have let their henna fade and are back to their old un-environmentally friendly ways. Here are some simple ways to keep the Earth Day vibe going and do your part all year long.

Compost is key! If you recycle your garbage why not recycle your food? We think that these kitchen set ups make composting downright cute.

According to Energystar.gov, “ If every American home replaced just one light bulb with a light bulb that’s earned the ENERGY STAR, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year, save about $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to those from about 800,000 cars.” We won’t argue with that.

Spill something in the kitchen? Need to dry your hands? Use cloth towels to save on paper waste. They are much softer too.

Almost half a home’s energy consumption is due to heating and cooling. When you are not at home during cold weather turn the thermostat down and only use your Air Conditioner in the summer as needed. This will save energy and you money.  Frame your thermostat as a cute energy efficient reminder.

Got an aging fridge? Updating your appliances and save tons of energy. Getting rid of old appliances that are no longer energy efficient can do wonders for your carbon footprint and energy bills.

We like this vintage green look but any updated appliances will do.